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If you are affected by driving test nerves then the first thing to remember is that you are not alone. Driving test nerves affect the majority of learner drivers, the overwhelming majority of whom will eventually go on to pass their driving test. The second point to remember is that you shouldn't be taking your practical driving test unless your Instructor thinks you are capable of passing. The expert thinks you're ready. The expert thinks you're capable. Already you have a vote of confidence from someone who matters. Why do you feel nervous? What consequences do you fear? Is it for your safety on the road? If it is then don't worry, you're in a dual controlled car with a professional Driving Test Examiner. They know how to deal with you and any mistakes you may make. Maybe your nerves stem from the fear that if you fail your test you'll let your friends and family down. If so then sod them. Don't tell them.


In some people exams of any sort can cause nerves and anxiety to rise. If this is you then put your driving test in context. It's a lot easier to retake a driving test than it is your GCSE's or A-Levels. The main loss of a failed driving test is financial, several more lessons and the cost of a second test.

  • Take your nerves on by accepting them. Nerves can be positive. They tell the body to release adrenaline which helps keep you alert and focused. Use nerves to your advantage and they will increase your performance.

  • Turn the day to your advantage. When are you at your best? If you're a morning person then make sure you book your driving test for a morning start. If it takes you until noon to "wake-up" then make sure you book an afternoon test. 

  • Never book a driving test during a time when you know other stressful events will be happening.

  • Arrive at the driving test centre unhurried and at least 15 minutes before your test is due to start. 

  • Believe in the positive. Focus on your successes in life, not your failures.


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